What’s On Your Playlist? (Linda Battilani, vocalist of Halflives)

2017 has surely been a massive year for Italy alternative pop/rock band Halflives. Fresh off the release of their debut full-length, Empty Rooms, the band is touring all across the Europe and the UK this year, both on their own, as well as a run recently with Courage, My Love. Buoyed by solid instrumentation and the diverse vocals of Linda Battilani, give the band a bit more time and they’re bound to become a household name rather soon.

Linda stopped by to contribute to our What’s On Your Playlist? feature, where a musician chooses a selection of songs that may or may not reflect on the band’s sound that they play in. You can check out the playlist below, along with a few words on why she chose the song. Don’t sleep on Halflives.

Acres – In Sickness & Health
I have been touched by the desperation in this song and I really like the guitar sound they chose.

Against The Current – Wasteland
I think it’s the best song on their album. It has a very modern vibe and this single should have been highlighted more!

American Wolves – Part Of Me
Super catchy single, you listen to it once and you like the song. The touch of electronics put in a 2017-way adds up to the catchiness and is very effective.

Andy Black – We Don’t Have To Dance
This one is another song that has a highly catchy chorus – you listen to it once and you know it and I have a weakness for songs of this style. The choice of the sound is a bit retro but it fits with the genre and I like it!

Ashes Remain – Right Here
For sure it’s not a new band but it’s a recent discovery that I made thanks to Spotify recommendations. I’ve always liked this genre (in the style of bands like Skillet that I’ve also added to this playlist or Fireflight, Three Days Grace etc) and I find this song particularly deep.

Burning Down Alaska – Blossom
I’m generally not a fan of this genre but I really love the sound of the guitars they chose in the verses, it’s the style I’m always looking for. I also love the clean vocals in this song.

Courage My Love – Dirt
We’re really friends with Courage My Love and we’ve always liked everything they’ve done in their career. Their latest album is really a good piece of work and very catchy. This song is my personal favorite.

Daughter – Smother
I’ve been a fan of this band for a while and it seemed legitimate to me to mention them. I picked the song I like the most.

Dream On, Dreamer – Don’t Lose Your Heart
This song is less heavy than what they usually do, I particularly like the vocals and the lyrics. I also like a lot the video they made for this song. I saw them like recently and they’re a very good live band, I enjoyed the show a lot!

Ed Sheeran – Castle On The Hill
Newest hit of Ed Sheeran that everybody likes and I’m a victim too!

Katy Perry – By The Grace Of God
I like sad songs and this is a sad song. I’m a fan of Katy Perry and I wanted her in this playlist because it shows another side of my tastes.

One Ok Rock – We Are
There’s a touch of 30 Seconds to Mars in this song and since I’m a huge fan of them, this song hooked me immediately. I liked the band even before and I’m happy that they’re spreading outside of Japan!

Parkway Drive – A Deathless Song (ft. Jenna McDougall)
I’m happy that Parkway Drive did a featuring with Jenna McDougall of Tonight Alive since she’s a very good singer and gives a deeper touch to the song.

Skillet – Feel Invincible
As I said before I kind of fancy this genre. This song is a single from their latest album and I think it’s a powerful track, and also easy to get into.

The Veronicas – On Your Side
They completely changed genre but I like them since their “The Secret Life Of…” album. I liked even this latest single and I’m happy they’re back on the scene with a killer song.

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