October 20, 2021

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Want to hear a saxophone solo on a Jimmy Eat World song? You can on their new single “All The Way (Stay)”

In their 25+ years of existence, Arizona’s Jimmy Eat World have accomplished just about everything there is to for a pop-punk band. Playing Vans Warped Tour? Yes. Supporting the Green Day // Blink-182 Pop Disaster Tour in 2002, right after the release of Bleed American? Yup! Releasing critically acclaimed and influential albums that, over a decade later, still provide a key influence for up-and-coming young bands themselves? Check. Basically, Jimmy Eat World could call it a day now with their legacy still intact.

However, given how good 2016’s return to form Integrity Blues was, Jimmy Eat World clearly have more greatness to come. Arguably the band’s best record since 2004’s Futures, the album was a critical success, as well as one that showed the band still trying new things. Like on “Pass The Baby”, one of their best overall songs to date. Now, the band has detailed their upcoming 10th full-length album, Surviving.

The album, which drops October 18th via RCA, is the band’s 10th to date – and to go along with the announcement, JEW have also shared its first single “All The Way (Stay)”. It’s a catchy pop-rock gem that, while it treads undoubtedly familiar territory, features a neat guitar solo near the end of the song. Needless to say, this is one you should probably be stoked about, given their late-career renaissance.

Surviving tracklist:

1. Surviving
2. Criminal Energy
3. Delivery
4. 555
5. One Mil
6. All The Way (Stay)
7. Diamond
8. Love Never
9. Recommit
10. Congratulations

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