Walker Hayes’ Same Drunk Tour takes over Stage AE for an unforgettable night of country music

By Dave Parsons


Several months ago, it was announced that Walker Hayes was bringing his “Same Drunk” tour to Stage AE in Pittsburgh.  Stage AE, which sits on the same ground that Three Rivers Stadium once occupied on Pittsburgh’s North Shore, is known for its outdoor stage, allowing fans to take in warm summer weather, just steps from the rivers that Pittsburgh is known for, and the city’s backdrop just over the top of the building. On these evening’s the back door of the building is lifted for the lighting rig and the audience sits in the backyard. In the winter, the door is closed, everything faces the other way and a charming indoor showplace comes to life.  

The week before the June 21, 2024 show saw Pittsburgh besieged by temperatures nearing 100 all week, so the call was made to turn everything around, and make this an air-conditioned evening indoors.  The outside venue can hold twice as many people as the inside and as the evening went on the crowd grew.  

By the time Walker Hayes arrived on stage, dressed in his signature casual style T-shirt and blue jeans, with his backing band and dancers, Hayes immediately connected with the audience, opening with U Gurl, a fan favorite that set the tone for his set.

Hayes traded his ball cap for a Stetson, to emphasize the title of the second song, as it became evident this wasn’t a traditional country concert as Hayes blended contemporary country with pop sensibilities. His energetic stage presence, combined with his knack for storytelling, and a setlist with a mix of hits from his previous albums and new tracks from his latest release, ensuring that there was something for everyone.

A memorable moment came with the performance of Don’t Let Her, a song Hayes wrote for his wife. The lyrics and emotional delivery brought a tear to many eyes. AA, a song that delves into Hayes’ personal struggles with addiction and his journey to sobriety, was another powerful moment. Giving an extended intro to the song, in his honest, non-rushed storytelling style set up the raw honesty of the lyrics.  It was clear the song resonated deeply with many in the audience, and Hayes’ willingness to share his personal battles added a layer of authenticity to his performance.

And that, in a nutshell, is the essence of a Walker Hayes concert.  His genuine connection with the audience, sharing stories about his life and the inspirations behind his songs, made the hour and 45 minutes fly by.  

Of course, the night would not be complete without Hayes’ viral hit, Fancy Like.  The crowd’s energy hit its peak about the same time as the song started, and it was 4 minutes of pure sing along bliss to close the set. 

I also wanted to mention fan favorite, Matt Schuster, who preceded Hayes show with his modern country performance.  Working the stage from one end to the other, non-stop, pumped the crowd up and got them ready for Walker Hayes

The evening began with a bang as Tigirlily Gold took the stage. The sister duo, Kendra and Krista Slaubaugh, brought a dynamic energy to kick off the night.  Opening with the song Blonde, a bow to Miss Dolly, and throwing in a chorus of 9 to 5, had the crowd connecting with the duo.  The song Leroy needs to be heard to be appreciated. 

They followed up with I Tried a Ring On, their latest single, and ended on their top 40 single Shoot Tequila.  Their set showcased their energy, harmonies, and talents.  The only thing lacking in their set was the length of their set. 20 minutes was not long enough.

Walker Hayes Setlist:

1 U Gurl

2 Stetson

3 Drinking Songs

4 Show Me the Country

5 Don’t Let Her

6 Beautiful

7 Nine

8 Country Stuff

9 Ya’ll Life

10 Beer in the Fridge

11 Father Time

12 Craig

13 That Dog’ll Hunt

14 High Heels

15 Halloween

16 90’s Country

17 Same Drunk

18 AA

19 Black Sheep

20 You Broke Up with Me

21 Briefcase

22 Fancy Like


Photo Gallery : Matt Schuster – Stage AE (06.21.2024)

Photo Gallery : Walker Hayes – Stage AE (06.21.2024)

Photo Gallery : Tigirlily Gold – Stage AE (06.21.2024)

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