June 2, 2023

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Experimental metal trio VIEW iN release crushing new single and video “fear”

Pennsylvanian trio VIEW iN evoke heaviness and a tight melodic sensibility in the best possible way – pulling from a venerable tradition that groups like Mr.Bungle and Dog Fashion Disco have become a staple of, without ever sounding like a cheap imitation. Their latest single and video “fear” (off their new EP “Sides”, which you can check out here) has shades of the aforementioned along with riffs reminiscent of Helmet, Quicksand and even a little Frank Zappa throughout; mixed with a crushingly heavy approach ala Meshuggah that separates them from their “whacky metal” compatriots. Vocalist Nate Localio can hit those “oh shit” high notes, but sounds equally comfortable when being a straight up, pissed off frontman growling over his impressively heady guitar parts. Colby Chase (drums & backing vocals) and Collin Schmidt (bass) are a formidable rhythm section that gives the group an absolutely huge low end presence that drives the song forward with a ferociousness that recalls the Hellfest era of heavy music (ya know, the cool one).

“This song name came from fear and its illusions that we all can Identify with, and our
own realization that fear is an illusion itself”

Enjoy the new video for “fear” by VIEW iN and follow them on Spotify to hear the full “Sides” EP!


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