Veio proves that there’s room for a fresh voice in progressive music with new video for “Like Cyanide”

For a band like Veio, expectations grow higher and higher as the band continues to release new material. With two full-length albums under their belts and a sound that draws from multiple sectors of rock and metal, it’s hard to pin down exactly what the band sounds like. The best way to describe Veio is alternative metal, we suppose, but considering the band pulls from progressive rock and metal, modern rock, and a lot more, this is only a basic description.

Any way you slice it, there’s a lot to like about recent single “Like Cyanide”, which now has a video out for it as well. To be honest, the single is a good access point into what Veio are doing to progress their sound. With huge melodies and a familiar song structure that fans of modern, anthemic rock will be into, it would be a surprise not to see Veio become the next big thing in the scene. Watch out!

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