March 3, 2024

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Deathcore band Vehemens make a strong debut with their new song “Greed”

A new deathcore band is on the rise, and they go by Vehemens. The deathcore trio takes inspiration from the hardcore, slam, and death metal genre, mixing together the trio’s musical taste. The band members wanted to branch out from their main projects to create something different, and emotionally driven. The band plans to touch on sensitive lyrical content and tackles the negative emotions a lot of people go through. Vehemens explores the slamming deathcore genre with their debut song ‘Greed’, showcasing what the band is capable of. The song kicks off fairly quickly and transitions into a hard-hitting verse that is bound to pull metalheads in! The three-minute song keeps the momentum going throughout the track. ‘Greed’ pulls you in and doesn’t let go, and is a great debut track from Vehemens. This is only the beginning for the trio, Vehemens is currently working on their debut EP ‘Violence Is Always The Answer’ which is slated for a Fall 2022 release!

The heavy-hitting debut song ‘Greed’ from Vehemens is out now on all digital platforms and Slam Worldwide!


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