October 20, 2021

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Up and coming artist BVLVNCE releases his new song “Conjuction”

Aspiring and rising artist that goes by the name BVLVNCE is a EDM artist with influence from the metalcore and post-hardcore genres. BVLVNCE has over 10 years of experience in the music industry throughout his venture. BVLVNCE captures a emotional sound that flows with energy throughout his music. He’s strongly influenced with a wide range of genres stretching from dubstep all the way to pop- punk. His sights are focused on his own original sound but his YouTube is home to a lot of fun covers. This unique sound creates a one of a kind listening experience. BVLVNCE has just unveiled his newest song in collaboration with 4nzek titled “Conjuction”, and the songs continues to build on the unique sound BVLVNCE is known for. BVLVNCE has continued to release under the Recall Records umbrella The inclusion of 4nzek is a fine addition to a already well tuned track. BVLVNCE has been running strong in 2021 with currently three new songs, and a new full length album approaching! BVLVNCE has worked hard to put together his upcoming conceptual album ‘Alchemical Transmutation’ due out August 23rd, 2021.
BVLVNCE takes a captivating approach with his new music; paying attention to all the fine details. Taking a unique approach to the EDM genre and to their own music We’re excited to see what the man behind BVLVNCE has in store for us! You can find everything BVLVNCE by clicking here.

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