October 2, 2023

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Unsyned + New Fury Media present: Battle Of The Bands

We’re excited to be teaming up with Unsyned for the first Battle of the Bands, co-sponsored by us! We’re teaming up with Unsyned to host a music contest that anyone can submit their music to. With a few small caveats, of course.

The songs all go into one playlist that plays at random in the Unsyned mobile apps for Android and iOS. Everyone is on a level playing field here. Users will be able to vote on your song in the app and if they vote on every song in the contest, they’ll be able to re-up your vote every day.

Unsyned is putting up a $250 gift card as the prize for first place. $100 for second, and $50 for third place. They’re accepting submissions on their website until August 31st and the contest will run for one month after that. Get your song submitted quickly, as we’re only taking 100 submissions.

-You must own ALL of the rights to your song (NO COVERS)
-You CAN be a signed band, you just need permission from your label to submit your song.
-One song per artist

About Unsyned:

Unsyned is a music promotion/discovery platform that hosts music contests that anyone can submit their music to. Unlike many other platforms, all music on Unsyned is on a level playing field; no one can pay to have increased reach. This means that good music rises to the top.

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