April 22, 2024

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Unsigned And On The Rise: Syrian Bad Asses Netherion


385767_406367669384893_1691806479_nThis months Unsigned And On The Rise band fits perfectly for the bullshit that is occurring around the world. This month, I give to you all, Netherion.

Netherion is a 5-piece death metal band from Damascus, Syria. Their name is a word that they made up and is of 2 words, Nether as in Nether world and Ion. Their definition is the Ion of the Nether World ; to describe the State of Decay that we feel that the world is Drowning in. Nothing more metal than that. They currently have a full length titled “Sphere Of Terror” that you all need to add to your collection (get album HERE). This album rips and rips hard!!

I was introduced to these guys by the wonderful ladies over at Brutiful Radio and I’m so stoked they showed them to me. I pretty much play this album a minimum of 2 times a week! So now, I hope I am the one the introduce you to this amazing band like they were to me.

I can’t do this article about them without mentioning the documentary that After Hours Films is shooting of Netherion. You can read all of the dirty details HERE

So why do you need to check these guys out? Well, because they are talented as hell, scream about actual issues that is facing the world and the music is just damn good. Those are the only reasons you need. This is a band that I HIGHLY recommend for anyone that loves metal and loves it heavy and fast as hell. Netherion does not disappoint.



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