Unsigned And On The Rise: Industrial Groove Band Thira



I think all of you readers are particularly going to like this band. Thira is an industrial groove metal band from the Twin Cities, Minneapolis (for anyone that is not familiar with that area, the Twin Cities are St. Paul and Minneapolis area).

I have known their bass player, Coz, for over half of my life and have been supporting his musical endeavors for quite some time now. When I found out he moved to Minnesota and was in a new band called Thira, I checked them out and they literally blew my mind. They are one of those bands that once you have heard, you will never forget them.

They recently played in my hometown of Mandan, North Dakota, with other friends bands Arrested For Sorcery and Stone Cloud Sunday (all 3 bands include members from my two all-time favorite local bands Happy End and Omnipotent Belligerence). I unfortunately did not get to go to this because I currently live in Phoenix, but I lived this experience through my friends that did get to go and I heard it was one of the best shows they have went to.

Go to their Facebook page and website and check out this amazing band and message them and try to get them booked in your hometown because this is a band you do NOT want to miss live and help them out by picking up their albums on their Bandcamp page. Also, check out the interview I did with them a few weeks ago right HERE


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