Trivium and Beartooth pack Green Bay for a weekday evening of metal (Show Review)

Epic Event Center

Green Bay, Wisconsin

May 3rd, 2023

By Mariah Berg



The Epic Event Center in Green Bay, WI has been a top spot for many metal and rock bands. I will never not be amazed at how many people pack into this venue for a metal show even on a Wednesday night! Beartooth and Trivium were sure to have a stop here in Green Bay and the amount of fans that showed up, did not disappoint! Trivium even noted that Green Bay was the best crowd of the tour!


Opening up this Wednesday night was a 5 piece band called Archetypes Collide! As soon as they took the stage, the crowd roared! Archetypes Collide opened up their set with their song titled “Parasite” and instantly fans were up off their feet and heads were banging! Archetypes Collide played a few songs off their self titled album and even included a cover of “One Step Closer” by the one and only Linkin Park! Archetypes Collide was a great band to warm up the crowd!


Next to pummel the stage was a five piece band hailing all the way from the United Kingdom called Malevolence! This is a band that was there to get the crowd moving! I am very thankful to now know that this band exists because wow they are amazing live! Even those that didn’t know the lyrics, couldn’t help but bang their head and mosh around. Malevolence has some music for every type of metal fan. They had some songs like “Waste of Myself” that were heavy, heavy, heavy and they are also able to bring it back a notch in songs like “Higher Place”. Overall, Malevolence is a band that you need to check out!


The next band that took the stage needs no Introduction. Four piece Trivium has been around for over 20 years! As soon as the curtain opened and Trivium members took the stage, the crowd went wild! Trivium opened up their phenomenal 12 song set with their song “Rain” and fans sang every word and the crowd went berserk! Trivium played songs from almost every era! They played tracks from albums like their 2005 album “Ascendency” and their most recent 2021 album “In the Court of the Dragon” and a little bit of everything in between! Every member of Trivium is so interactive, their stage presence is just mesmerizing. Even after over 20 years, this band still absolutely destroys each and every time they take the stage.


Last but not least to take the stage is another band that needs no introduction! Beartooth has been making music for over 10 years and put out so many bangers over the last decade! Beartooth opened up their 13 song set with their song “Devastation” and of course fans went wild! Immediately fans were headbanging, dancing, moshing and of course, crowd surfing! The security at the Epic sure had their hands full with Beartooth crowd surfers and they did fantastic! Fans surfed up screaming lyrics back at vocalist Caleb Shomo and it was a beautiful thing to see. Beartooth played songs off every one of their albums so there was something for every single Beartooth fan!

Beartooth is a band that has such an incredible amount of energy on stage. From Vocalist Caleb Shomo never staying in one spot for more than a few seconds to guitarists Zach and Will and bassist Oshie jumping up and down and moving from one side of the stage to another, the animation and power is non stop! This Beartooth and Trivium co-headlining tour is just getting started! This is a stacked tour with four great bands, so buy a ticket for a show near you before it sells out!



Photo Gallery : Malevolence – Epic Event Center (05.03.2023)


Photo Gallery : Beartooth – Epic Event Center (05.03.2023)


Photo Gallery : Trivium – Epic Event Center (05.03.2023)


Photo Gallery : Archetypes Collide – Epic Event Center (05.03.2023)

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