November 30, 2021

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Trapt just had their Facebook profile terminated for posting hate speech, will apparently be suing Facebook

The walls keep crumbling down for embattled Trapt frontman Chris Taylor Brown. The Proud Boys-endorsing frontman has now taken his talents to the right-wing’s new favorite app, Parler, where Brown can freely spout off whatever misleading and false information he likes about Black Lives Matter, first-week album sales, and the like.

You might be wondering why he’s taken to Parler, though. It’s actually pretty simple – the band’s official Facebook was apparently banned from Facebook for hate speech, reported no doubt from a plethora of people that were sick of his consistent lying about social issues, album sales, and even turnouts to recent shows. Combine that with getting kicked off pretty much every lineup imaginable, and you have a recipe for disaster.

This isn’t the only issue surrounding the band, though. Trapt were recently found playing at a strip club, where a sad amount of people showed up (there is a pandemic, after all), and now Chris Taylor Brown will apparently be suing Facebook for the ban as well. No word on whether the 600 fans that bought Shadow Work in its first week are still showing up, though.

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