October 2, 2023

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Track Review: Mumford & Sons – “Believe”



Three years after the release of sophomore album Babel, Mumford & Sons is back today with new track “Believe” off their upcoming album Wilder Mind.

British rock outfit Mumford & Sons are most known for their acoustic, folksy tunes such as those of 2009’s Sigh No More and 2012’s Babel. However, with the announcement of their third album, Wilder Mind, they have also announced a divergence from their typically banjo-heavy folk rock sound to one that follows a more modern, electric feel. Their ability to make this change was officially proven today with the release of “Believe”.

This is a tough transition to make, especially if fans expect a certain sound. Mumford & Sons has made it very clear that they have a firm handle on the ability to write songs with a folk tune essence, and they’ve prospered from that ability. Coming back onto the scene with a new sound is a bit of a bold move, but if “Believe” is any indication, it’s a move that they’re more than capable of making.

While “Believe” is not particularly unique within its genre, it is unique to Mumford & Sons, and it works for them. Instead of the usual acoustic guitars and banjos, “Believe” showcases electric instrumentation and editing while still maintaining the folksy vocals and crescendos typical to the band. It’s an all around great song that’s a bit reminiscent of indie/electric bands like Walk the Moon and Death Cab for Cutie, but it’s a solid foray for Mumford & Sons to make into this genre. Fan reception has been pretty mixed but overall accepting of the new sound, and hopefully the release of the full album will reassure those who miss the old Mumford.

Wilder Mind is out on May 4th and can be preordered on iTunes or through the Mumford & Sons online store. “Believe” is currently available to stream on Spotify, online, or for purchase on iTunes. The band will also be touring the 2015 Stopover Festivals starting this June.

– Erin Walker

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