Tortuga Music Festival day 3 ends the fest seeing TLC, Jason Aldean, and more play to a packed crowd

By Dave Parsons


On the third and final day of the 2024 Tortuga Festival, the energy was recharged for the folks in line an hour before gates opened at 1 PM.  Festival goers learn how to pace themselves, eat and stay hydrated, and have a plan in mind of which area they are racing to when they get through the entrance gates.

The Tortuga Festival gave folks plenty to choose from.  Besides the three stages of music, there were one last trip to all of the experiences and information booths.  The interactive exhibits like the Guy Harvey tents, the Rock The Ocean Foundation exhibits and the photo ops with the huge pirate ship.  That isn’t even mentioning the whole thing is literally on Ft. Lauderdale Beach, and sand, sun and the mighty Atlantic Ocean are always available.

Day three of Tortuga 2024 was headlined by Jason Alden.  Aldean arrived on stage with his usual black T Shirt, jeans and cowboy hat. He did move around the giant main stage a lot, to engage the huge crowd that came to witness one last concert in the sand for 2024.  Aldean included hits like Amarillo Sky, Dirt Road Anthem and his latest single Try That In A Small Town, and sent the crowd into a frenzy when he invited Bailey Zimmerman on stage to do a duet.

Koe Wetzel played the set before Aldean. The crowd was ready for his loud, raucous, and full of energy music.  Wetzel and his band share a chemistry that is undeniable. Guitar solos were executed with precision and flair, and a solid rhythm section gave a solid backbeat. Wetzel often interacted with the crowd, sharing stories, and telling jokes between songs. His down-to-earth demeanor struck a chord with the audience and was testimony why he is one of the most booked country acts on the road today.

Bailey Zimmerman had the crowd up on their feet and dancing as soon as he took the stage with his song Religiously.  Zimmerman wasn’t on the stage with his band more than 30 seconds when he bounded down the runway, that takes him right into the heart of the Tortuga audience. Throughout his 70 minute set, Zimmerman showed off his versatility as an artist, being able to transition between upbeat tracks and more heartfelt ballads, especially in the middle of a festival crowd and 80 degree heat. Zimmerman proved that he has the talent to be in for the long haul in the country music scene. 

Legendary hitmakers TLC, took the stage in the heat of the day, but that didn’t stop the Tortuga audience from welcoming them to the stage, you way you welcome old friends you haven’t seen in a decade or two. The show began with a bang as T-Boz and Chilli, the surviving members of the trio, launched into their signature blend of sass, style, and vocal prowess. They offered up a string of their greatest hits, including What About Your Friends, Waterfalls and No Scrubs.

In another diversion away from the country music on tap for the weekend, Tortuga invited The Wheeland Brothers, and their mix of surf, reggae and acoustic rock, turning the Tortuga sunset stage into, well, a beachside venue. Known for their laid-back vibes and infectious energy, and the Wheeland Brothers gave everything to the audience, even as far as doing part of their show IN the crowd, and gave an unforgettable experience to the Tortuga faithful. 

The Main stage kick off show for the final day was Brian Kelley, one half of the celebrated duo Florida Georgia Line, who is now pursuing a solo career.  Appearing very relaxed and reminding the crowd that he was home, having been born in Ormond -Beach, Florida, his music is a mix of beachy feel, country and laid-back music.  His songs with catchy melodies and lyrics had everyone singing along and made the audience feel like they were part of an intimate beach party rather than a large concert.

Again on Sunday, there was a stage under a tent set up that hosted the Next From Nashville Stage. The stage offered up some great music from up-and-coming acts including Hannah Ellis, Logan Crosby, Kolby Cooper, Dylan Gossett and Stephen Wilson, Jr.  It will only be a matter of a few years before these acts will be on the large beachfront stage at Tortuga.  

Overall, the last day of the Tortuga Festival wrapped up over 30 some artists performances into a basket of memories that people will remember and talk about for years to come. 

Disclaimer:  It is impossible, because of overlapping set times on stages 200 yards apart, to photograph and review every act at the festival.  I photographed as many as was possible each day.


Photo Gallery : Hannah Ellis – Tortuga Music Festival (04.07.2024)

Photo Gallery : Jon Langston – Tortuga Music Festival (04.07.2024)

Photo Gallery : Logan Crosby – Tortuga Music Festival (04.07.2024)

Photo Gallery : Kolby Cooper – Tortuga Music Festival (04.07.2024)

Photo Gallery : TLC – Tortuga Music Festival (04.07.2024)

Photo Gallery : Dylan Gossett – Tortuga Music Festival (04.07.2024)

Photo Gallery : Stephen Wilson Jr. – Tortuga Music Festival (04.07.2024)

Photo Gallery : Koe Wetzel – Tortuga Music Festival (04.07.2024)

Photo Gallery : Bailey Zimmerman – Tortuga Music Festival (04.07.2024)

Photo Gallery : Jason Aldean – Tortuga Music Festival (04.07.2024)

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