October 25, 2021

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My Top Ten Albums: Tim King Of SOiL

Tim_King-display-300x300 (1)Recently we caught up with Tim King (Bass) of Pavement Entertainment act SOil. We asked him to share his top ten albums of all time with us. Tim is a founding member of SOiL after the departure of Death Metal band Oppressor in 1999. Not to mention he is A&R for Pavement Entertainment after its recent rebirth.  Tim has dabbled in the music scene for awhile now and provides a great insight.



1. Motley Crüe – “Shout At The Devil”

This is the album that got me full force into Heavy Metal. I was 11 years old on the playground when I first saw the cassette tape my friend took from his older brother. From that point on Motley has been my favorite band of all time and “Shout At The Devil” has been my favorite album of all time.


2. Obituary – ” Cause Of Death”

This is the first real Death Metal album I ever heard. It’s the album that got me into Death Metal and led to the formation of my own band Oppressor. I couldn’t believe how heavy and brutal this album was at the time. John Tardy’s vocals were inhuman and still are. Just an amazing and heavy album all around.


3. Metallica – “Master Of Puppets”



This album opened the door to heavier music for me. The guitar work on this album is amazing. I remember listening to this album over and over as a kid. It was a game changing album for everyone.



4. Cynic – “Focus”



This album incorporated jazz fusion into Death Metal. It was so far ahead of its time. It really influenced me to expand musically and try new methods of playing, including adding keyboards to music in a heavy way.




5. Faster Pussycat – “Self – Titled”

This album in my opinion paved the way for a refresh in the glam scene. It took us back to the vibe and melody of Aerosmith, but with an 80’s feel. Such a great and fun rock album. It came out around the same time as “Appetite For Destruction” and to this day, I still play the faster album more.



6. Alice In Chains – “Facelift”

Another game changer in my opinion. I always hated Nirvana. It was just slop to me. Alice got me transitioned into the Grunge scene with a Hard Rock/Metal record wrapped in a flannel shirt. So many great and heavy songs on this album.



7. Motley Crüe – “Too Fast For Love”

I have to include this because this and “Shout At The Devil” are what sold me on the Crüe and solidified them as my all time favorite. Although this is a raw album, it has this innocent and hungry vibe to it, yet it’s polished at the same time.



8. Cinderella – ” Night Songs”

Cinderella_NightSongs Ok ok, I’m an 80’s hair metal fan what can I say? These albums and era take me back to an exciting time in my life. When things were simpler and all I worried about was getting my homework done, hanging with my friends, buying albums, and going to concerts. This was one of those albums that I discovered before anyone really knew of the band. I kind of held this one “sacred” until my friends all caught on.


9. Morbid Angel – “Covenant”



Hands down my all time favorite Death Metal album. From start to finish it just pummels and commands. You feel like you got your ass kicked after listening to this album.




10. Shinedown  – “Sound Of Madness”



From start to finish there isn’t a bad song on this album. Quite honestly it is just a perfect album. They really nailed it on this one. Way to go guys!


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