December 9, 2021

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Top 3 Bands From Imaginary Worlds

Sometimes you come across a band: the sound is cool, the hits are there, the fan base is there too. But the band doesn’t exist in our reality. But you can still listen to their music while playing online blackjack real money or working out because they still live in the imaginary world. And these are the 3 bands with the greatest fan bases.

The Relentless

Let’s start with The Relentless from the Paradise City series. It was created by one of the biggest labels specializing in heavy music, Sumerian Records.

The director and founder of this music label is Ash Avildsen, son of Oscar-winning director John Avildsen for Rocky. Determined to follow in his father’s footsteps, Evildsen Jr. opened a new division of his company in 2017 and released the debut feature from Sumerian Films, which he directed himself, American Satan, a film about the rise of the metal band The Relentless.

If “American Satan” told about the first steps of the band patronized by the devil’s helper played by Malcolm McDowell, Paradise City continues the story. The band members have already renounced demonic forces, and the plot of the show is primarily about the personal experiences of the characters and the consequences of the typical life of rock stars.

To make The Relentless sound convincing, Sumerian assembled the label’s main stars. The lead singer is Andy Biersack from Black Veil Brides, though the word “sings” is a mere formality. According to the contract terms, all his parts on the series are performed by the vocalist of another Sumerian band, Palaye Royale, whose distinctive voice is recognized by the fans.


It’s hard to overstate the role of a music career in Johnny Silverhand’s life during Cyberpunk 2077 – especially when you consider that it becomes increasingly important to the emotional perception of the story as the game progresses.

SAMURAI is significant to Knight City not only as a group, but also as a kind of idea system. It’s not so much Johnny’s rebellious views and terrorist actions that resonate in the hardcore sound of the band’s songs as it is the understanding of one fact – even in the cyberpunk future there is still live, “garage” music.

To the songs of Silverhand and the band SAMURAI developers from CD Projekt RED approached with great responsibility. They started a whole campaign to find musicians and bands who could match the sound and motifs of the fictional group.

Old Gods of Asgard

Remedy and the musicians from Poets of the Fall have always been on friendly terms: the Finns have been working together for almost 20 years. Their collaboration began after the release of the single Late Goodbye in 2004, and since then the band’s music has been featured in Max Payne 2, Alan Wake, Alan Wake’s American Nightmare and Control.

Old Gods of Asgard is a fictional rock band in the world of Alan Wake. The band members, oddly enough, are named Odin and Thor. And one of them has no eye.

Once the brothers managed to tour a lot and win awards for their art, but after a personal tragedy they gave up music and settled down in mysterious Bright Falls, guarding the dark secrets of the town.

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