Top 10 Unsigned Bands (Nationwide)

Recently we did a poll on our FB asking our readers to tell us who they thought where the best unsigned bands. With this poll there was no limitation to genre or region. Over 20,000 people saw this poll and it ran over a month.


We here at RATA support unsigned & DIY bands whole heartily and are pleased to bring you these results. Expect coverage from all these bands in the upcoming month.

(click on the bands name to visit their FB or social media)


1. The Grave Slaves – Genre: Gothabilly/Psychobilly/Punk
2. Toy Called God – Genre: Groove Metal
3. A Long Way From Living – Genre: Metalcore
4. Gravehuffer – Genre: Crust Punk/ Metal
5. The Koffin Rockers – Genre: Rockabilly/ Psychobilly
6. Us, Ghosts – Genre: Post Hardcore
7. Thira – Genre: Industrial Groove Metal
8. For Those Like Us – Genre: Metal/Rock
9. He, The Creator – Genre: Hardcore/Indie
10. Cities To Ashes – Genre: Metalcore/ Post Hardcore


Thank you to all who voted and all the bands for making music and being themselves. We have another contest for unsigned bands that will be launched soon.




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