February 27, 2024

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TNF Watches : The Intruder (2019)


The Intruder is a simple film with a predictable premise that is saved by some strong performances and a generally unnerving antagonist.

The Intruder follows a simple premise, a wealthy couple moving out the city into a nice new house with a seemingly nice previous owner. Over time though when it seems as if the old home owner can’t let go of his old house more secrets begin to unravel that could change the new homeowners lifes forever.

As far as stories go this a pretty pain by numbers thriller. You can almost predict everything that happens here down to a point. However this is only a slight flaw as everything is still enjoyable and this is partially due to our villain.

Dennis Quaid here plays a obsessive madman perfectly and this is easily his best roles in years. He has a general uneasiness to him even when playing it straight and once he goes fully in becomes a monster of a man. Meagan Good & Michael Ealy while both being good actors and actresses have stereotypical to the point of brain dead at times characters. The fact that they at least have good on screen chemistry helps in this case.

Overall thanks to Quaid bringing his role as a obsessive madman to something that will be remembered far past this film. Without his role we’d simply have a generic thriller / home invasion movie that would fall in the pile with the 100’s just like it.

Score : 6/10


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