August 16, 2022

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TNF Premiere: Major Moment debuts new video for “May Leave Scars”

Blending various subgenres of modern rock, pop, and electronic elements together, Boston rock band Major Moment are gearing up for a huge 2020 with a string of singles to be released this year. Their biggest single to date, “Living Your Life Like This”, is getting close to hitting 150k streams on Spotify, so it’s clear there is an audience for the young band. It’s easy to see (and hear) why they have a burgeoning fanbase.

Major Moment fit a neat space between more radio-friendly rock bands (Breaking Benjamin, Starset) and more pop-oriented music (PVRIS might be a good choice). Their new video for “May Leave Scars” (which we’re premiering the video for below) sums up their sound well enough, and make no mistake. If you’re into melodic rock, you will love this.

About the video, the band had this to say:

“In today’s world of endless opportunities, nothing is impossible. Hard work and persistence do pay off, but not always in the way we anticipate them to. While some doors shut right in front of your face, seemingly preventing you from reaching your goals, others might open and lead you the way you didn’t think was even possible. Never stop chasing your dreams, and you will sure find out: the best is yet to come.”

We’ll just say this: Major Moment is a band with a high chance to break out. Their vocal melodies are very easy to like, and with high appeal to the average music fan, it would be a surprise if this wasn’t a song you put on repeat for a while.

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