December 1, 2023

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TNF Premiere: Leeway NYC reaches their tipping point with new video for “Message To A Manchild”

NYC’s Leeway need very little introduction to fans of heavy music. Whether you’re a fan of hardcore, metalcore, thrash metal, or hardcore punk, chances are you know of Leeway – or at least know their influence that lives on through more modern bands like Terror, Knocked Loose, and fellow cohorts Sick Of It All. Their debut album Born To Expire is a great example of this, still being lauded 30 years after its original debut.

It’s with that in mind that we’re excited to premiere Leeway’s new video for “Message To A Manchild”. The video is from the single off their most recent EP Tipping Point!, which dropped a few months ago via Upstate Records. A song that’s based on true events in the life of vocalist Eddie Sutton, the new video is certainly worth a watch, if only for the passion and anger you can really feel behind the lyrics.

“Message To A Manchild” is based upon true events that Leeway NYC frontman, Eddie Sutton, recently endured. Eddie has battled demons and has been entangled in the type of events that most people only read about or see in movies. This is one of those events. However, it is clear that Eddie is on the right track to bring back that original Leeway sound and without compromise.

“Message to a Manchild is very personal to me”, reflects Sutton. “I wrote it in about 10 minutes. It’s about a very close childhood friend that wound up committing an unspeakable act against my family and me. And this is after I had spoken to him that I cannot be associated with this person after we parted ways and he continued down a dark and ugly path that I can no longer subscribe to. He took advantage of a situation and put my family at risk. Growing up means taking responsibility for your actions, stopping blaming others and stop being a man child”.

“Message to A Manchild” is the follow-up to “Pusher”, another emotionally fueled track off of their recent release, “Tipping Point!” through Upstate Records in July 2019. Tipping Point! was written in early 2019 at Soundwars Studio (Hoboken, NJ) by Laz Pina (Ill Nino).

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