Tiny Voices evoke emotional strife in “Where The Time Went” (review)

With a recent resurgence of interest in noodly-riffed, distraught emo from bands such as The Seafloor Cinema, Origami Angel, and The Obsessives, I say the more, the merrier. That’s where Tiny Voices, a group of sadbois from Wisconsin, come in. With only a few songs to their name to this point, the band looks to make a splash with a strong first impression to new listeners – let’s dive in to the debut EP of Tiny Voices in Where The Time Went.

Produced by Hot Mulligan guitarist Chris Freeman, Gary Cioni, and Bernie at Sound Acres Studio in New Jersey, it’s clear from the forefront that this passion project fits like a glove with its inspirations. With the high-energy bursting after a rampup in opening track “Anything, Anyone”, vocalist Ben Ludens belts in his higher register following a somber delivery in his lower one. Crisp snare hits from Colton Bannach solidify the closing measures of the song as strong an opening as one could hope for the short EP.

Massive energy is felt right out of the gate in “I Don’t Even Like Lobster” as guitars from Louie Barlaw and Bailey Sweeney dominate the melody with the backing tones of bassist Paul Nieto. The tapping really comes into play in the following track, “Moving Target”, which served as single #2 for the release but could very well be Tiny Voices’ breakout song thanks to an airtight structure and resonating lyrical content.

Where The Time Went comes to a close with “Oran Berry” – maintaining that last-song feel one may be familiar with. The duality vocals return, and the instruments follow suit with a climactic build to strained shouts and an outro with instrumental closure. Capping off as an ~11-minute listen, Where The Time Went is practically tongue-in-cheek on how quick it’s over, but simultaneously doesn’t waste your time with a moment of filler. If Tiny Voices was looking to make a statement with this debut, it’s a reminder that great things come in small packages.

Rating: 8/10

An advance stream of Where The Time Went was provided courtesy of Tiny Voices.

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