This sign language cover of Spiritbox’s “Blessed Be” will make your entire day

Anyone who believes in the power of music to heal or cause an emotional response within the listener, can’t help but feel moved when hearing certain songs. And that’s true no matter how one communicates or experiences it. That’s definitely the case with this sign language cover of Spiritbox’s “Blessed Be” that you’re about to see – it’s really quite beautiful, if you ask us.

The cover was originally released just under a year ago, but the cover from Jessica Lacouture just now started to gain traction due to Spiritbox posting about the cover on their socials, which will no doubt give the creator a special sense of pride. As she should, of course. The song was also dedicated to Jessica’s parents, who are deaf, but able to experience the powerful song in a new way. Honestly, props for doing this.

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