October 23, 2021

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This Day In Music History: September 28th, 1999 – The Dillinger Escape Plan unleash “Calculating Infinity”

Two decades ago, was anyone truly ready for what The Dillinger Escape Plan unleashed with their debut album Calculating Infinity? The answer is probably not. Truly a pioneering band while they existed (until their recent breakup), this is an album that is supremely influential for a reason. Tracks like “43% Burnt” and “Sugar Coated Sour” became immediate and long-lasting concert staples – impressively, despite the depth and excellence of their later discography. Jazz and ambient influences manage to seep into the mix, but make no mistake – this is one of metal’s most influential albums as a whole. Just ask guitarist Ben Weinman! Calculating Infinity is an album that was many years ahead of its time, yet interestingly, the band didn’t infiltrate the mainstream (relatively speaking) until its follow-up, Miss Machine. That doesn’t take away from this record’s importance, though.

Given its profound influence on bands like The Number Twelve Looks Like You, Car Bomb, The Chariot, and basically any band that considers themselves “mathcore”, Calculating Infinity should certainly be looked at as an instant classic. With enough changing time signatures to make your head spin, ferocious vocals, and a sound that influenced a legion of bands over the last 20 years, The Dillinger Escape Plan’s debut record is a must-listen.

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