April 24, 2024

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This Day In Music History: March 31st, 2009 – Silverstein hits a home run with ‘A Shipwreck In The Sand’

When you consider the size of their discography to date, it’s probably not that much of a surprise to find that Canadian post-hardcore heavyweights Silverstein would have attempted a concept album. What also shouldn’t be very surprising is just how good 2009’s A Shipwreck In The Sand turned out. Released on March 31st, 2009, the album followed up the band’s somewhat disappointing (depending on who you ask, of course) Arrivals And Departures, but the album carries such a quality and a go-for-broke style that it’s hard not to view this record as the one that helped kick off the back half of Silverstein’s catalogue – one of the most consistently solid in the genre.

Beyond just the concept theme of the album, though, there are plenty of reasons to rediscover this gem. In particular, the album’s ambition remains palatable, with only closing track “The End” (which also features Lights, IYKYK) clocking in at anything lengthy. We won’t waste any more words imploring you to hear this record, so please do, and enjoy.

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