This Day In Music History: June 25th, 2002 – The Used make their mark on post-hardcore with self-titled debut

Released on June 25th, 2002, The Used’s self-titled debut album was a major part of how post-hardcore and emo became a major part of pop culture in the 2000s. Alongside like-minded but also diverse bands like Finch, Anberlin, My Chemical Romance, Thursday, Underoath, and more, the success of The Used’s self-titled debut album was earned on constant touring and a fanbase that grew rapidly.

This was a time where major labels were snapping up bands in the scene like a Hoover vacuum, and Reprise Records wisely let the band do their thing. Tours with Thrice, My Chemical Romance, and Coheed and Cambria boosted the band’s profile quickly, but what of the music?

Well, four of album’s singles are pretty much live staples to this day. The holy quadrant of “Blue And Yellow”, “A Box Full Of Sharp Objects”, “Buried Myself Alive”, and “The Taste Of Ink” are staples in almost every emo millennial’s playlist. Much like other bands in the scene, this group of songs managed to be catchy (thanks, Bert McCracken!) as well as relatable. Who can’t relate to songs about friendship? About drugs, losing people you love, and being alive? About frustration and growing up? These are almost universal feelings, and undoubtedly the album resonated with many, as it sold over a million copies in the USA alone.

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