This Day In Music History: June 20th, 2006 – Underoath explodes with the powerful ‘Define The Great Line’

June 20th may actually be one of the most significant music release dates in history, full stop. The 2000 date saw the release of prominent albums from Deftones (White Pony), MuteMath predecessors Earthsuit, Jurassic 5’s classic alt hip-hop album Quality Control, Cursive’s Domestica, and a handful of others, while 1989 saw Faith No More’s The Real Thing – an album that basically influenced every burgeoning nu-metal band to come in the following years. On June 20th, 2006, however, Florida metalcore band Underoath was unleashing an album that would change their lives – and those who have experienced it.

That album, of course, was Define The Great Line. To say Define The Great Line had an impact on the music industry is an understatement. Its chart impact inspired many labels to continue to target Christian post-hardcore and metalcore bands to sign. Debuting at a staggering #2 on the Billboard 200, it remains one of the biggest albums by a Christian artist to cross over into the mainstream. From a musical perspective, the songs are vicious but also emotional. Elements of post-metal and ambient pop up in many of the songs, especially the lengthier ones like “To Whom It May Concern” and “Casting Such A Thin Shadow”. Underoath also were able to adeptly prepare fans for the transition between TOCS and DTGL, with “Writing On The Walls” and “In Regards To Myself” still ensuring a place as live staples.

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