This Day In Music History: June 14th, 2011 – The Dear Hunter diversifies with ‘The Color Spectrum’

There are musical prodigies, and then there’s (former) The Receiving End Of Sirens // The Dear Hunter’s Casey Crescenzo. When you look at what Casey has accomplished since forming The Dear Hunter, and you also look at TDH’s discography, you have to wonder if Casey ever sleeps. Perhaps not, musical geniuses never rest. Labeling Casey with any kind of true crowning achievement award is a very difficult task, but a good choice might be what he accomplished on The Color Spectrum.

One of the most ambitious albums you’ll ever hear no matter the genre of music, The Color Spectrum consists of 36 songs spread out over nine EPs. Originally seeing release on June 14th, 2011, the sheer diversity found on The Color Spectrum is really something to behold. There’s elements of industrial music on the Black EP, all the way to sunny + upbeat alt-rock on the Orange side. Fans who are more used to the theatrical indie/progressive rock found on TDH’s most accomplished material will also feel right at home on Violet, and when you consider that it clocks in at 36 tracks, it’s still difficult to find songs that are anything less than interesting. Highly recommended.

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