This Day In Music History: February 9th, 1993 – Quicksand changes the scene forever with ‘Slip’

Arriving as grunge, alt-rock, alternative metal, and post-hardcore were experiencing some of their greatest success, Quicksand’s Slip didn’t quite fulfill the expected commercial performance that Polydor Records had in mind. Despite that, Slip ended up being an essential album in the development of alternative metal and post-hardcore.

Fronted by guitarist/vocalist Walter Schreifels, himself a member of seminal New York hardcore bands like Gorilla Biscuits and Youth Of Today, Quicksand gained success through 1993’s major-label debut Slip. Front to back, it’s one of the most important albums of its time. Buoyed by talented bassist Sergio Vega, Quicksand’s rhythmic prowess ensured that no instrument overpowered another. Along with Tool’s Undertow, Fugazi, and Helmet, few bands of the day were pulling off this kind of style, with songs like “Fazer” (what an opener!) and “Dine Alone” becoming iconic Quicksand songs. And while the band broke up after 1995’s Manic Compression was released, they eventually reformed – and have released two more albums in 2017’s Interiors and 2021’s Distant Populations. Clocking in at a compact 39 minutes and change, Slip put Quicksand on the map – and influenced a plethora of bands to come.

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