These tips for online casinos are for all beginners and professionals

Virtual casinos have grown more and more in recent years. For beginners and even professionals, it is sometimes difficult to find the right establishment. Below is a valuable compilation of tips that will make this choice easier. It also explains why only slot machines with the best RTP (Return to Player) are really useful. These tricks and tips are profitable not only for beginners, but also for experienced casino gamblers.

Choose a reputable casino and pay attention to the license

The most important step is to choose a reputable casino. The focus here is on the license. Gambling licenses are issued in various countries, such as Germany, the UK, Austria, Switzerland and also Malta. A virtual gambling hall without a license is not a good decision. Here, there is no control from the government side, so players have to fear fraud. A license ensures that it is an audited casino that complies with the state requirements. Licenses are constantly monitored and audited, so gamblers are on the safe side. Other positive indications are awards and certificates from testing institutes.

It is also very helpful to access objective tests and reviews. Customer reviews are rather secondary, because those who lose often tend to give negative (unfair) ratings. Test portals take a close look at online casinos and provide clear analyses that players can use as a guide.

Take home and unlock the startup bonus

Since the competition is fierce, casinos are trying hard to attract new customers. Goodies in the form of free bonuses are a popular lure. Here you have to look behind the facade, because not every high bonus is really a win. The sum of the bonus payment is less relevant than the bonus conditions. These state how often the player must convert the money given. Only after the conditions are met, the bonus amount converts into real money and can be paid out.

Some casinos work with unattainable bonus conditions. They then entice with high sums and seem tempting, but the player has no added value. In the general terms and conditions or the separate bonus conditions, gamblers can read what they have to fulfill.

Tip: In case of doubt, a lower bonus is the better choice if the bonus conditions seem realistic. A high sum is not worth it if the turnover conditions cannot be fulfilled or can only be fulfilled very delayed. As long as a bonus is active, no money can be withdrawn from the player account.

Pay attention to free play offers and actions

Not only the cash bonus, but also special games and free spins are very attractive options. Some casinos provide a certain amount of free spins for the first deposit. Winnings from these free spins are allowed to be kept by the players.

There are basically two ways to get free spins. On the one hand, they can be won at the machine (scatter machines, free spins machines) and on the other hand, they are given away by many casinos. It is also worth taking a closer look at the offer here. If a virtual casino exclusively rewards new customers, distance should be taken from it. Fair providers also offer regular customers a bonus now and then.
Insider tip: Even if it is annoying, the casino’s newsletter can be worthwhile. Sometimes a bonus code is hidden here, which includes 10 free spins or a bonus for the next deposit!

Take a closer look at the RTP at the slot machine

Slot machines challenge luck – whoever wins simply has Fortuna on his side. But there is another side to the coin! The so-called RTP (Return to Player) is a decisive factor for how high the probability of winning is. It is given in percent and is only valid for a slot machine. If a slot has an RTP of 80%, it is to be classified as poor. The number means that 80% of the stakes placed are paid back to the players.

This is not to be evaluated per player, but in general! If the casino registers 100,000 Euro stakes per day on a slot X, it will pay out 80,000 Euro back to the players with an 80% RTP. On the other hand, if the RTP is 95%, 95,000 euros will be paid back to the players.
However, it does not mean that every player will get back 80%, 85% or 90% of their bets. This calculation is based on the total number of players. Theoretically, out of 1,000 players, only ten people can win something, and the sum will be higher.

Start small at the slot first – small stakes bring experience

Those who have not yet gained any casino experience should not get carried away with high stakes right away. High-rollers (if allowed) sometimes bet five or ten euros per spin. The risk is high, because the entire bet can be lost on each spin. A classic average bet is 1.00 euro, but even this amount is too high for beginners.

Those who want to get to know the slot first can also play for as little as 0.10 euros per spin. This way, a certain routine can be established and the game mechanics will be internalized. Winnings are possible even with small stakes, the percentage chances do not change. Only the amount of winnings is lower. It should be remembered that the loss amount is also reduced with smaller amounts.

Rely on voluntary self-locking in an emergency
Every casino earns money through its customers. However, reputable providers focus on the safety of their guests. Gambling can become an addiction, so there must be measures for player protection. Anyone who feels that they are losing control of their own gaming behavior should make use of the voluntary self-lock. This is a protection mechanism that excludes the player from the offer for 24 hours. After that, the account is automatically unlocked again.

The meaning behind this protection program is that players can free themselves from the compulsion to continue playing in case of emergency. It doesn’t require any complicated applications, just the click of the panic button. In the following 24 hours, the problem can be reconsidered and addressed.

Conclusion: Gambling is even more fun with a few cool tricks

Gambling in a casino can be a lot of fun, as long as the right establishment is chosen. If you visit an established casino, you pay attention to the architecture, friendliness and offer. Likewise, quality should always be paid attention to in the virtual casino as well. While there are a lot of honest and reputable providers on the market, many of them differ significantly.

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