April 24, 2024

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The Paper Kites get their first sold out date of the tour during a memorable evening in Salt Lake City

By Molly McCoy


The intimate setting of The Depot in Salt Lake City was the perfect venue for an unforgettable night with The Paper Kites. This being their first time performing in Utah and playing a sold-out show that left the audience captive. The Australian indie-folk group, known for their ethereal soundscapes and heartfelt lyrics delivered a long awaited performance to the crowd that exceeded any pre-existing expectations of the night.

First to take the stage was Bella White, while it was just her and her guitar on stage she captivated the audience throughout her set. This is her first show with The Paper Kites and she started it off strong. With powerful melodic vocals to set the mood the audience was entranced throughout her performance.

The night started with “Between The Houses”, the crowd came alive as lead singer Same Bentley began singing and the ambient glow from the stage lighting made the performance an immersive experience. The band wasted no time between the first and second song, seamlessly flowing to the next, “Til the Flame Turns Blue”. They took a brief moment to talk about their recent album release, “At The Roadhouse”. Sam described playing a month-long residency as a house band in a local bar of a small Australian town. There, they would play a series of free unannounced shows while they worked on a new album, the songs of this record were songs they played during that time.

The setlist was perfectly curated to give the audience a wide range of both new and old songs from the group throughout the years. Some of my favorites from the night included, “Tenebaum”, “Black and Thunder” and a cover of “Anything” by Adrianne Lenker. While the setlist focused more on their new album they were sure to add in plenty of songs to satisfy the old fans as well as the new.

The band had great chemistry together, clearly enjoying themselves on stage. Sam Bentley’s vocals seamlessly blended with Christinia Lacy’s enchanting harmonies. David Powys, Josh Bentley, and Sam Rasmussen showcased their instrumental skill, creating a full, powerful landscape that enveloped the audience.

One of the standout moments of the evening was when The Paper Kites performed “Bloom,” stripping down the arrangement to an acoustic setting. The raw vulnerability in Sam Bentley’s voice resonated through the venue, creating an intimate connection with every member of the audience. They had the crowd take over the vocals during the chorus, the crowd sang along projecting softly not wanting to take away from the intimate connection with the band.

The Paper Kites demonstrated not only their musical prowess but also their ability to engage the audience. Sam Bentley’s humble and appreciative demeanor between songs created a sense of intimacy, making the concert feel like a collective experience shared between the band and their devoted fans.

As the night drew to a close with “Electric Indigo,” The Paper Kites left an undeniable mark on Salt Lake City. The applause that echoed through The Depot was a testament to the band’s ability to create a transcendent experience, leaving the audience with a sense of euphoria that lingered long after the final notes faded away.

In essence, The Paper Kites’ sold-out show at The Depot was more than a concert; it was a musical journey that touched the hearts and souls of everyone present, solidifying the band’s place in the world of indie-folk. With about 10 more shows left of their North American tour they are ones you won’t want to miss.

Photo Gallery : Bella White – The Depot (02.27.2024)

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