The Last Ten Seconds of Life set a dark tone with their new song “Invictus Unto Fire”

The relentless Pennsylvania metal band that emerged a decade ago has done it yet again. Of course we’re talking about the one and only The Last Ten Seconds of Life. After the release of their last record “Machina Non Grata” the world was struck down by a pandemic, and so was the music industry right as 2020 kicked off. This forced a lot of bands to readjust, and adapt to the world we now live in. In this time The Last Ten Seconds of Life has been relatively quiet behind the scenes, and now the group has made it clear they’re here for the long run! The legendary deathcore group has just unveiled their first song since their last record, and that song is titled “Invictus Unto Fire”, and you can tell they had some anger to get out with this track. “Invictus Unto Fire” features the best of the band with heavy hitting verses, that thick, punchy instrumental we all love, and impactful vocals that make the track truly feel alive as it plays out. The group does a fantastic job at blending in their more melodic side with their core metal elements. Don’t get us wrong, this song is crushingly heavy. The Last Ten Seconds of Life has also announce they will be selling vinyl for the first time ever, which is fantastic for any vinyl collector, and there’s a lot of us. We have a feeling there is more in store for us soon from The Last Ten Seconds of Life, and we’re excited to see what they do next!

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