the great nothing make their grand entrance with ‘no one.’

the great nothing are a brand new band from Manchester who have kicked off their music career on an impressive high. The group was formed by vocalist/guitarist Leo Craig and drummer Connor McColl who were later joined by bassist Matty Ashton to round out their full lineup. They have released a few singles since April of this year and just last week those singles came together to form their debut EP no one.

With this collection of songs, the great nothing are poised to cultivate a solid fanbase with alternative music fans from their home in the UK and far beyond. Each track on no one. has this new act effectively walking the tightrope between propulsive energy and beautiful melody in a way that exemplifies what the strongest acts in modern metalcore, alternative metal, and related genres are doing. They have also put substantial effort into their aesthetics with the videos and visualizers for each release having a corresponding color palette that contributes to the mood. It’s a small conceptual detail that goes a long way, not that their music needs the help.

Check out the great nothing here, and also take note of their live debut happening in Manchester in October as well as the merch giveaway they’re currently running in celebration of their first major release.

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