December 7, 2021

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The effects of video games on basic math skills

When the first video games emerged some three decades ago, most parents dismissed them as a waste of time just like they often do today. However, this attitude is changing due to some newest research that suggests that these games can have positive effects on our brain development. It seems like math in video games can help young pupils or college students when it comes to complicated math problems or developing problem-solving skills. We should have seen this coming as these games keep evolving in terms of advanced graphics or complexity thus more resembling virtual reality. Advanced simulations are already used by militaries worldwide so using specific games for upgrading one’s math skills doesn’t seem so far-fetched after all.

Gaming Requires Problem Solving

From Tetris to Assassin’s Creed, every game ever made is about problem-solving, figuring out puzzles, or calculating the right path to success. After years of playing, muscle memory will develop along with a reflex that pops anytime a problem must be resolved. It is fair to say that video games math upgrades one’s critical thinking abilities required for thinking outside the box. That kind of mental attitude is required for resolving complex math problems and strangely, video games can help kids develop it. More and more schools and pre-schools are introducing problem-solving video games into their practice to foster problem-solving attitudes from an early age.

Gaming straightens one’s focus, object recognition, and reflexes along with the ability for multitasking. These virtual adventures are not just a popular waste of time anymore, but a billion-dollar business that is now finding a new purpose in teaching young minds to solve math problems. We are not talking about software that can solve math problems, but interactive amusement that infuses skills needed to solve them. Think of it as a new simulator that serves as a help service in math division plus you can have a lot of fun by using it. We do not guarantee that playing Mortal Kombat will make you a math genius but it will stimulate one’s frontal lobes and make them ready for some serious algebra later on in life.

Students Remember Nice Impressions

One thing that we all love about virtual entertainment is its beautiful graphics that make everything more real or immersive. You probably wonder what this has to do with math, but it is crucial for long-term as well as short-term memory. Each student prefers remembering pleasant images that are stuck in his mind rather than boring lessons at his university algebra class. This is good news for software developers because gaming is pretty addictive due to its amazing special effects that keep us playing for hours without pause. It is also great news for students who enjoy gaming because each math problem embedded inside a video game will remain in their subconsciousness forever.

Games Have A Replay Value

Anyone who played Mortal Kombat more than once understands the concept of replay value and he prefers games that bring something new each time they play them. This means that each problem can be solved numerous times by using different approaches and analyzing your previous mistakes. Solving complicated math equations or integrals requires that same approach so playing Mortal Kombat will definitely reinforce this attitude in students. One just needs to understand that he actually has to do his homework instead of playing Call of Duty or Star Wars Battlefront all day. These games are just here to help each student by stimulating certain parts of his brain responsible for solving math problems.
We can expect a new generation of students to use computer games in mathematics studies just as we use them today for getting our driver’s license. The possibilities are endless since properly designed virtual entertainment will help each student develop comprehension of even complex math problems better than any algebra class before. Interactive studies bring the best results as they make us remember faster, use critical reasoning and logic while thinking outside the box. Think about that next time when you scold your kid for playing too much Call of Duty as his obsession with video games might help the development of his motor skills. Perhaps, one day your kid can thank all those hours of gaming for passing each math exam in his life, so he can dedicate his time and energy to pursuing something that he truly loves.

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