The Driver Era bring an electrifying performance to the Fox Theatre (Show Review)

The Driver Era gave an unforgettable performance going through their unique discography on Saturday night. Just about half way through their world tour brothers Ross and Rocky Lynch gave an electrifying show at the Fox Theater in Pomona.
Their groovy opener, Summer Salt, set the tone for the night with their fun and upbeat vibe. From the beginning of their set they had the crowd swaying and dancing. The summer vibe continued through their set as they sang their top songs: Candy Wrappers, Revvin’ My Cj7, and  Driving to Hawaii; which energized the room until the very end. Summer Salt’s breezy yet upbeat sound created a new excitement for The Driver Era’s set.
Kicking off the night with the first single off their upcoming album Summer Mixtape, Keep Moving Forward, made the room light up. Everyone in the room was jumping and singing along to every word of every song. Playing some of their biggest songs like Malibu, Preacher Man, and When You Need A Man at the beginning had everyone prepared for an unforgettable night. The Driver Era commanded attention with their fun dance moves and captivating sound. Covering songs from Drake and Michael Jackson added a new level of energy as everyone in the room sang along. Ross Lynch pleased even the oldest fans by singing his song, On My Own, from Teen Beach Movie 2 and Cali Girls from his old band R5 with current bandmate and brother Rocky. Those throwback songs almost closing out the night was a fun change of pace before ending the night with their top songs, Afterglow and A Kiss.
Throughout the entire night The Driver Era’s indie-rock and alternative pop sound begged to be danced too; and danced to it was. Every song performed proved that both Ross and Rocky were meant to be in music. Ross’s dancing and Rocky’s talent oozed and had every eye glued to the stage.
The Driver Era’s undeniable one of a kind sound has remained throughout their albums and is continuing to their new album. If you’re looking for feel good summer vibes make sure to check out The Driver Era’s new single Malibu off of their upcoming album Summer Mixtape out on September 16th.  Also check out some of The Driver Era’s other music like A Kiss, Afterglow, and giveuwhatuwant for some good indie-rock jams.

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