December 1, 2023

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The Dangerous Summer bring an intimate night to Salt Lake City (Show Review)

The Beehive

Salt Lake City, Utah

Oct. 23rd, 2022

By Cortney Lesovoy


Salt Lake City is never kind to bands that come through on a Sunday night, but passing up a chance to see The Dangerous Summer on their headlining tour this fall with Like Pacific and My Kid Brother would’ve been a mistake.

A small venue, beautiful instrumentals, and raw lyrics made for an intimate show downtown on Oct. 23 at the Beehive. The alternative band swept away the crowd as always, opening their set with Prologue and Blind Ambition, a beautiful combination that flows into each other and mirrors the start of their 2019 album “Mother Nature.” The set continued with the title track from their newest album “Coming Home” which had a warm reception.

Vocalist AJ Perdomo laughed with the crowd between songs, told stories about his personal life, and appeased old fans with songs from their early years including “Where I Want To Be,” and “The Permanent Rain.”

Perdomo didn’t come into the crowd and sing “Bring Me Back to Life” with the fans, a ritual known to many fans who’ve seen the band before, because there was no bassist to replace him, but he made up for it by singing an impromptu encore of “Infinite.” It was a fitting end with deep-seated lyrics to a mesmerized crowd.

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