November 28, 2021

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The Cruelest Movie Characters of All Time

What makes a person evil? Stealing groceries from the nearest store? Trying to cheat at PlayAmo casino Canada? Making money illegally? All these activities are terrible, but these 7 women have done much worse things.

Claudia Hoffman (Sigourney Weaver)

Everyone knows Weaver from her role as Ripley in the “Alien” franchise. The images of strong women in general seem to be as if they were created for her. The actress herself believes that she always plays a victim, forced by circumstances to protect their lives. But in this version of “Snow White” her character – the evil stepmother, who is trying to get rid of her stepdaughter – is definitely not a victim.

The Fairy Godmother (Jennifer Saunders)

In Shrek’s upside-down world, where a swamp troll might be a prince, the good fairy easily becomes a bossy witch trying to slip the princess her son and climb onto the throne. But the Three Little Pigs, The Cat in Boots and Pinocchio can’t help it – the Godmother is killed by her own charms.

Poison Ivy (Uma Thurman)

This “Batman” is considered the worst of the superhero movies. After that, the franchise was buried until Christopher Nolan took over. But Uma Thurman as the patron saint of plants is one of the most absurd and delightful comic book heroines.

Elle Driver (Daryl Hannah)

There are no positive heroes in the world of assassins hunting down other assassins, but even compared to her colleagues Elle is delightfully awful. Her walk with a syringe to a Nancy Sinatra song is the anthem of a hitman going for the easy job with a smile. And when Bride smears Elle’s eye on the floor, we feel no pity.

T-X (Kristanna Loken)

A walking testament to the truth of “evil is soulless” and the expression “killing machine. A robot sent from the future to kill John Connor and Kate Brewster, the saviors of humanity. A model more advanced than the Terminator, and far more attractive.

Serlina (Lara Flynn Boyle)

It’s much nicer to fight a beautiful woman than it is to fight worms and cockroaches, even if the nice shell hides an ugly creature from outer space. Lara Flynn Boyle’s involvement made the second part of the alien-hunter franchise crazier and more ridiculous than the first. The humor here is in the mismatch between the actress’ appearance and the grip of a truck driver, and you completely forget that the brunette has come to destroy our planet.

The Queen (Julia Roberts)

What’s a former romcom queen to do at age 44? Play fairy-tale queens and enjoy it. Roberts’ character is so caricatured that she doesn’t even have a name! The movie star knows how to play a woman’s fear of age and rivalry with brash starlets like no one else. Roberts walks a fine line between farce and self-parody, proving that the image of the villain is not superfluous in a long career of roles as beauties, teachers and independent women with an active lifestyle.

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