The A Skylit Drive/Signals situation, explained

Disclaimer: All information was researched at time of article’s posting. Future revision may be necessary.

Post-hardcore staples A Skylit Drive recently reformed their original line-up to much fanfare. They even landed a spot on the beefy So What?! Music Festival line-up for 2022. Today, though, Signals, comprised of second A Skylit Drive vocalist and Jon Kintz, released a song under the name A Skylit Drive, to confusing effect.

For some background, A Skylit Drive’s Jordan Blake departed the band in 2007 after releasing the acclaimed debut EP She Watched The Sky with the group. Michael Jagmin replaced Blake, and the band flourished with five full-length albums until A Skylit Drive announced a hiatus in 2017.

What came next was A Skylit Drive’s social media pages changing names to Signals, comprising of Jag and Kintz. At this point, it’s safe to assume that these pages are under the control of Jag, as through all platforms, he made the switch to Signals across the board. This will be important later.

Signals went on to release Death in Divide in 2020. It wasn’t until early 2022 that A Skylit Drive teasers began surfacing on the internet straight from Jordan Blake. Soon after, an official announcement video spawned and the entire original lineup of A Skylit Drive circa 2005-07 was attached.

Only a few weeks later, the social media for “Original ASD” went down on Facebook/Twitter. The former was only recently restored, and the Instagram for this party is also still up. The cause of the takedown is not official, with some speculating a takedown/report from Jag. The legality of the “A Skylit Drive” name is unclear, but considering the original lineup’s been confirmed for So What?! and Swanfest 2022, it’s safe to say there’s legitimacy there.

Now here’s where things get weird. Today, 2/16, the Signals pages, which recently changed their look back to A Skylit Drive, just released a video for a new song, entitled “Dead Serious”. At the time of writing, the Facebook page is still entitled “Signals” (FB name changes often get rejected/take several days), but the “official” A Skylit Drive Twitter/Instagram posted “Dead Serious”. Worthy of note is that the video is from a YouTube channel created four days ago. The linktree attached further indicates the dedication to securing the A Skylit Drive name.

So, let’s recap. There’s original A Skylit Drive who’s secured festival appearances, and Signals A Skylit Drive who’s identity is on fire. This is an excruciatingly confusing situation and will undoubtedly have more developments as time goes on. New Fury will keep a close eye on the rumblings and update this article as things progress.

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