January 21, 2022

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The 100 Albums Of 2013 You Need To Hear, Part 2/4


We’re counting down 100 of the best albums 2013 had to offer. Who will make this edition of the list? Find out below.

#75: Dark Sermon: “In Tongues”


The Tampa-based metal outfit, who signed to EOne Records last year, unleashed this heavy hitting metal album upon the masses early in 2013. It’ll remind you of The Black Dahlia Murder and Behemoth, sure, but they’re carving out a name for themselves in a crowded Central Florida metal scene – they’re a massive draw in the area.

#74: I See Stars: “New Demons”

It took them 4 albums, but the self-styled “electronic hardcore” on Sumerian Records have delivered a consistent album which successfully combines the best of both genres without sounding tacked on. “Ten Thousand Feet” is a great example of this.

#73: Defeater: “Letters Home”

Another great Defeater album – and the fact their music tells a story is pretty awesome, too. A must-see live, as well.

#72: Killswitch Engage: “Disarm The Descent”

4 years passes between their self-titled album and this solid effort, which features Jesse Leach on vocals for the first time since “Alive Or Just Breathing”

#71: Dance Gavin Dance: “Acceptance Speech”

The progressive post-hardcore outfit could plug in any vocalist and sound great doing it. Jonny Craig, Kurt Travis, now Tilian Pearson (formerly Tides Of Man).

#70: Letlive: “The Blackest Beautiful”

Better live than on this album – it’s marred by difficult to stomach production, but still a great overall album. Jason Butler’s vocals are the most dynamic they’ve ever been.

#69: Dream On, Dreamer: “Loveless”

A much-improved effort from the Australian post-hardcore outfit, who are found exploring new song dynamics and overall longer songs.

#68: Stone Sour: “House Of Gold And Bones, Part II”

Mainstream hard rock/metal at its best. One of Corey Taylor’s best vocal performances anywhere.

#67: Reflections: “Exi(s)t”

Look at the beautiful album art. Just look at it. But seriously, “Exi(s)t” is buoyed by better overall production than their previous work, and better overall vocals by Jake Foster. It’ll easily translate over to the live performances.

#66: The Safety Fire: “Mouth Of Swords”

One of the better progressive metal efforts of 2013. The single “Red Hatchet” encapsulates their overall sound quite well, and it’s a logical progression from their debut album.

#65: Mouth Of The Architect: “Dawning”


Criminally underappreciated post-metal in the vein of Isis and Neurosis. They were also on tour with Intronaut earlier this year, which significantly raised their profile.

#64: Norma Jean: “Wrongdoers”

Norma Jean’s best and most consistent album. “Hive Minds” is as great of an opener as you could ask for, and lead single “If You’ve Got It At Five, You’ve Got It At Fifty” is a party RAGE fest.

#63: Hands Like Houses: “Unimagine”

It couldn’t happen to a better band. Post-hardcore band Hands Like Houses, on their 2nd LP “Unimagine”, have crafted a great album with great songs like “Developments” and “Introduced Species”. Trenton Woodley’s vocals are at the top of their game.

#62: Moving Mountains: “Moving Mountains”

If this is indeed their swan song (they went on indefinite hiatus recently) it’s a great way to go out. Most of their post-rock tendencies are gone, leaving us with an emotional indie-rock masterpiece in its place. Listen to “Hudson” and try not to get emotional.

#61: The Story So Far: “What You Don’t See”

About as good as pop-punk gets – if it all sounded this genuine, it’d be the biggest genre of music out there.

#60: HRVRD: “From The Bird’s Cage”

How did this not get more attention? Equal Vision continues to sign great bands, and they’ve shifted successfully from a mainly post-hardcore band into an indie-influenced alternative band. It’s time for them to blow up.

#59: Evergreen Terrace: “Dead Horses”


“I wanna know exactly what keeps me hanging on.”
Easily one of the 10 best bands I’ve seen live this year. A more than worthy follow-up to the solid “Almost Home”. Melodic hardcore and metal converge to make this one of the Jacksonville-based Rise Records signees strongest efforts.

#58: I The Mighty: “Satori”


Just as good as their EP “Karma Never Sleeps”, and a more dynamic performance from everyone in the band overall. It’s the album they needed to make.

#57: The Devil Wears Prada: “8.18”

On par with previous effort “Dead Throne”. Mike Hranica’s vocals may take getting used to, but the song “Care More” reigns as one of the best songs in their lengthy catalogue.

#56: Turnover: “Magnolia”

“Most Of The Time” is one of the best songs from any genre released this year. Run For Cover Records is one of the best labels out there – releases like this prove why.

#55: Palms: “Palms”

Chino Moreno + former members of Isis combine forces with Palms – an album that sounds much less heavy than you were probably expecting. Closer to dream pop and post-rock than Deftones/Isis.

#54: Scale The Summit: “The Migration”

These guys are GOOD. And talented, too. Who needs a vocalist when you have some of the best musicians in the progressive metal genre? The album art is some of my favorite, too – accurately portraying the lush soundscapes you’ll find in “The Migration”.

#53: This Town Needs Guns: “”

Math rock. A logical progression from the excellent “Animals”, too.

#52: Northlane: “Singularity”


A continued progression in sound and vision from the Aussie metalcore outfit, and they’re also finishing up a full US tour with Veil Of Maya headlining. They’re steadily gaining a fanbase outside of their home continent – with songs like “Worldeater”, why wouldn’t they?

#51: Stolas: “Living Creatures”

Guest vocalists everywhere. Cory Lockwood, Tilian Pearson, the list goes on. Also signed to Will Swan of Dance Gavin Dance’s record label, so you know the instrumentation is top-notch.


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