May 24, 2024

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Texas deathcore band I Am Heir release their heavy hitting new EP ‘Legacy of Death’

Located in the deep south of Texas this up and coming deathcore group comes swinging full force, and they go by I Am Heir. First surfacing with their debut EP ‘Uncondemned’ showcasing their signature heavy groove with a powerful emphasis behind the vocals. The band has previously released two EPs, and now they have unleashed their brand new EP titled ‘Legacy of Death’. I Am Heir continues to evolve their sound with this new release. The EP was produced by Synical Production Recording Studios while being mixed and mastered by Jason Keating. I Am Heir left me impressed with their musical direction and presentation. There’s something about the dark yet ever present atmosphere throughout the entire EP that keeps me captivated.

‘Legacy of Death’ kicks off with the heavy compelling intro titled ‘Commodification’ sets the mood for the entire EP. The EP continues with the already released track ‘Hell’, and personally one of my favorites off the EP. I Am Heir continues the EP with the song which the EP is named after ‘Legacy of Death’, and this song really brings out a good example of the songwriting capablies of this Texas up and coming juggernaut. The EP continues with tracks such as ‘One Nation Under Perversions’, and finishes strong with ‘Oppressor’. This EP has left me a fan of I Am Heir, and I’m excited for more.



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