Texas-based metalcore group Pleasant View unleash their new music video for their song “Take Me Away”

From the depths of Fort Worth, Texas comes a metalcore band that strives on exerting raw, emotional power within their music. This gem of a band goes by the name of Pleasant View. Coming to life in the midst of 2018, Pleasant View packs raw emotion, extremely pleasing singing, intriguing guitar riffs, and heart pounding percussion. Pleasant View made their debut with their 2019 single “Until The End”, and shortly following the release of “Until The End” we found the band releasing their next single “Phosphorus [Red]“. These singles do a fantastic job at conveying the type of metalcore Pleasant View set out to create, and honestly their styling really sticks with me and brings me back to their music. In October of last year Pleasant View released their long awaited debut album “Constellate”. Following the release of the album the band found themselves surrounded by tragedy due to losing loves ones due to COVID-19. Through tragedy the band has found a way back to their feet. Pleasant View is in the process of planning to hit the stage, the group is also planning a new song for spring, and a new EP in the foreseeable future. Pleasant View has just unleashed their new music video for their song “Take Me Away”, which is taken from their debut album. The new music video was premiered on Spaceuntravel and is met with favorable response from listeners. Check them out for yourselves and add them to your playlist!


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