February 2, 2023

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Teenage Wrist is the ’90s alt-rock revival band we need right now

Teenage Wrist aren’t a band to waste your time. Their 2018 debut full-length Chrome Neon Jesus immediately gets right to the point, delivering a combination of shoegaze, dream pop, and crunchy alt-rock that’s still addicting even right now. While the band is now a two-piece, their recently released singles (off their upcoming sophomore album) have been just as catchy as their previous material, with Teenage Wrist now channeling even the likes of Jimmy Eat World with their customary huge choruses.

With a drummer that clearly knows his way around the kid, Teenage Wrist excel in delivering shoegaze-influenced alt-rock that wouldn’t sound out of place all over MTV in 1993. The band isn’t your typical shoegazing alt-everything band, though – there’s an indie rock dogma that’s apparent in both their music and their constant release of new material. Filled with enough guitar distortion and emotion to immediately grab your attention, tracks like Chrome Neon Jesus‘s standout “Stoned, Alone” might just make you nostalgic for an era of music you may not have even lived through.

Teenage Wrist aren’t just capitalizing on nostalgia, though. Alongside bands like Narrow Head and Superheaven (RIP), they’re leading the charge of alt-rock bands heavily influenced by shoegaze and grunge. With huge pop vibes coming from their new singles (especially “Taste Of Gasoline”), you can expect Teenage Wrist to change things up a bit on their upcoming new record. But knowing them, maybe that’s not such a bad thing at all.

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