December 1, 2023

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Tankard – R.I.B. Review


For many bands – most bands – a definitive lack of musical variance is a death sentence. For Teutonic Thrash giants Tankard, this dedicated adherence to a tried, true, and unchanged formula of raging, beer-fueled Thrash Metal only cements their status as a perpetually entertaining and reliable band, one that listeners can always return to and expect the same solid work from Germany’s greatest party band.

R.I.B. proves to be no different. All of the elements that make Tankard a solid mainstay in Thrash are still here in spades – wild solos, shouted choruses, and riffs specially crafted for the most savage mosh pits. Tankard might not be aiming to change much – and they don’t – but they prove time and time again that few do what they do better than themselves. R.I.B. is a raunchy and wild Thrash piece that proves more and more fun with every listen.

-Andrew Oliver

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