May 25, 2024

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Tampa’s NOMVDIC Releases ‘Horror’ EP // Photo Gallery

Nomvdic are currently on a 7-day Dual CD Release Run as they introduce their newly finished EP, ‘Horror‘; it features 7 re-recorded, remixed, and remastered tracks. The music video for latest single, ‘THE VVITCH’, is my personal favorite because of the work done by the following members: Joey Durango, Austin Coupe, James Lewis, Lights Out Recordings, Phil Pluskota of Sonic Assault Studios, and Gabrielle Parpard. It’s by far one of the best videos that I’ve seen within the Tampa scene. Not only the quality but the overall make of the video portrays the story line perfectly.

Portraiture and Promotional Gallery

Official Music Video

My favorite set of lyrics:

Lost in black eyes, she is luring, beckoning with her disguise

The ritual is me.

Goat horned fiends, chant around the fire

Thorns without rose, as black as crows


She leans in close


“I’ll Boil and bake thee

You can’t escape the woods, you cannot escape me

I’ll boil and bake thee

You cannot escape the spell

I’ll boil and bake thee You can’t escape the woods, you can’t escape me.

I’ll boil and bake thee, you cannot escape me.”

And I can’t help but scream…


Burn, burn her

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