December 9, 2021

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Taking a look at Frequent Misconceptions, New York’s ambient metalcore band

From the depths of New York is an ambient metalcore band hailing from the Albany region, and they go by Frequent Misconceptions. The New York-based band is fairly new to the metal scene. Surfacing in 2020 with their debut EP titled To Climb a Mountain” the band took no time showcasing their unique ambient construct tied into their traditional metalcore structure. Frequent Misconceptions had a strong start with their debut EP, but within a year’s time the group was back at it again with their strong single “Duplicate Chronicles“. The single kicked off their 2021 releases and helped build up to their newest and strongest release in our opinion, that song is “Foundations“. The new song represents a new high for the group both musically and behind the scenes. The band has evolved in terms of sound in quality rather quickly and we have no doubt when the time comes their elements will be even more refined. Frequent Misconceptions is a small puppy emerging from a big dog industry, and we’re excited for them.

New Fury Media