Swiss death metal band These Days & Those Days release their brand new EP “Comatose Overdose”

From the region of Zollihood, Switzerland comes a unique blend of slam, death metal, and hardcore. These Days & Those Days are newcomers to the realm of metal, surfacing in 2020. Their first endeavor as a group resulted in their debut EP titled “These Days / Those Days”. The EP introduced us to the unique sound the group produces, and one I enjoy if I’m being honest. The Switzerland based group wasted no time after the release of their debut EP, and quickly got to work on new material. Fast forward to 2022 and These Days & Those Days have unveiled their brand new EP titled “Comatose Overdose”, or the full title being “Comatose Overdose – Do Not Resuscitate”. The brand new EP comes packed with five songs that push the bands creative vision forward in interesting ways. The band released their new EP exclusively through Slam Worldwide and their own Bandcamp! If you’re looking for something creatively interesting, give it a spin and learn more about the band here!


1. Candyflip

2. Vulgar Display Of Powder

3. Alcoyolocaust

4. From Zero To Hero

5. Blazed To The Grave


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