September 27, 2021

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Super-catchy new song “Space Debris” released by Roman Pilot (interview)

Roman Pilot, 2019

Today, we have the pleasure of speaking with a band on the rise: Roman Pilot. Upon browsing my feed two weeks ago, I saw a fifteen-second preview of the “Space Debris” intro, and I was absolutely obsessed from first listen. Luckily enough, I got reached out to with the opportunity to ask some questions about a track I’m head-over-heels for.

“Space Debris” features Isaac Wilson of Dwellings, who also just featured on another song we covered, Properties of Nature’s “L.S.F.H.Q.P.” With a truly memorable vocal delivery, he shines in “Space Debris” layered over one of the catchiest guitar hooks to ever grace my ears. When this line gets a harmony in later verses, I get goosebumps. But enough gushing, let’s hear what Roman Pilot had to say about “Space Debris”!

The New Fury: Roman Pilot was previously instrumental. Who else would you like to feature in your songs in the future?

Roman Pilot:  This band has always been an instrumental focused band. Sometimes there is no room for vocals! But with some songs like “Space Debris” where Isaac killed it, we are entertaining the idea of a singer.

TNF: Isaac was a natural choice as he’s Erik’s bandmate in Dwellings. How does it feel to write for a different project with him?

Roman Pilot: It was a really cool experience because in Dwellings, I usually write off of what Isaac is doing. It was a humbling moment when he wanted to feature on a song that I wrote myself. We have very good chemistry and write very similarly but very differently at the same time.

TNF: What inspired the lyrics to “Space Debris”?

Roman Pilot: What I love about the feature of Isaac is that he had complete creative control. I asked Isaac about this question and the lyrics are about how well me and him fit together musically. It’s weird for me to say this, but he said it was about how I always surprise him with writing and how much he praises me. However I could say the exact same thing about him! If I could sing like him I would make a song about that too!

TNF: You were previously set for a show with Strawberry Girls, Andres, Amarionette, and Dwellings. What would be your dream bands to tour with?

Roman Pilot: I think now the way we are, our dream band to tour with would definitely be Chon. Obviously they are incredible and people have compared us to them and I think it would be great to open for them.

The New Fury thanks Roman Pilot for speaking with us and for giving us a sneak peek at “Space Debris” ahead of its release today! You can enjoy the song here!

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