February 28, 2024

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$uicideboy$ score two new RIAA Gold-certified albums with ‘Long Term Effects Of Suffering’ and ‘Stop Staring At The Shadows’

Simply put, $uicideboy$ are one of the most successful acts in hip-hop right now, and even moreso when you consider that they’re independent. They headline their own annually curated festival, which regularly features both hip-hop and metal/hardcore acts (last year’s featured Code Orange and Knocked Loose, as an example). There’s a lot of crossover appeal on hand with the duo, and their direct confrontation of mental health issues and claustrophobic beats have endeared them to a huge audience.

Now the duo have scored their first two RIAA Gold-certified albums with both Long Term Effects Of Suffering and Stop Staring At The Shadows. It’s also their first two albums to go Gold, with several of their previous singles being Gold or Platinum as well. Hats off, tbh.

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