December 8, 2021

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Stream the debut EP from ENTHEOS!

California based supergroup ENTHEOS, featuring former members of Animosity, Animals As Leaders, and The Faceless, have finally released their highly anticipated debut EP via Bandcamp. The EP, entitled Primal is a blistering, 4 song neck-breaker that sees the reunion of guitarist Frank Costa, bassist Evan Brewer, and drummer Navene Koperweis; all formerly of Bay Area heavyweights Animosity. Joined by vocalist Chaney Crabb, the first taste of music from these guys (and gal) is pretty much everything you would expect it to be. Being a fan of the work each member of Entheos has been a part of in the past, I am extremely impressed by this release. Each track has a very familiar taste, while giving listeners a refreshing splash of the mid-2000’s extreme music scene.

The first thing I noticed about this EP is it’s production quality. Frank’s guitar tone is thick and chunky, yet crisp and clear, leaving room for bassist Evan Brewer to fill in the gaps with his undeniably masterful bass work. The title track “Primal” opens with an electronica beat, similar to the styling of Animals As Leaders, as well as Navene’s solo project (aptly named Navene-K), before breaking into a mean groove reminiscent of old Animosity. It seems clear that Frank, Navene, and Evan have been dying to work together again, because every element of this band fits like a glove. On top of stellar musicianship, having a female presence is a cool touch. The vocals here are deep, mean, and do the Entheos sound justice. Chaney Crabb’s vocals almost remind me of Veil of Maya (with no reference to her audition for VoM last year). With much of the metal community focusing on being technical and shred-worthy, it’s nice to have a new release that seems to groove and grind, more than it does shred or breakdown.

I highly suggest giving this EP a few listens, and if you’re in the Western or Central part of the country, do us all a favor and go catch Entheos live on their short run of shows ending in Dallas, on April 11th.

Stream Primal now!

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