March 30, 2023

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Story Of The Year sign with Sharptone Records, drop exciting return single, “Real Life”

Story Of The Year, one of the bigger post-hardcore bands of the 2000s, are back at it in full force with the news that the band has signed to Sharptone Records. Making the news even better is the band’s first single with them titled “Real Life”, following the sound of 4 friends who decide they want to become a full-time band again. The single shows just why the band has had such a long running fan base and maintained a devoted fanbase. You can also check the band on some festivals this fall, including a headlining run with Hawthorne Heights and Escape The Fate supporting them.



“’Real Life’ is the sound of four lifelong friends re-lighting the torch and deciding they want to be a full time band again,” says guitarist Ryan Phillips.
He continues, “Real Life is one of those special songs that just kind of happened. We didn’t sit around for months consciously trying to write a song like this. It just kind of came out. The songs that fight you the whole way are always duds. It’s the ones that come from out of nowhere and almost write themselves that are the best.”
“Real Life is a return to form for Story Of The Year,” adds vocalist Dan Marsala. “It evokes the same emotion and energy of Page Avenue but with a brand new and exciting feel. It’s a song about the constant struggle of making a relationship work. The ups and downs of being in love. Not every day is full of sunshine, but if you fight through the pain together, you can make it out alive with a smile on your face.”
“We very much built this band on DIY punk rock ethos, and we still carry aspects of that mindset with us to this day,” explains Phillips. “We’re shooting all of our videos in our hometown, with a crew of super talented creatives all based here in STL. With Jordan Phoenix at the helm as director, we freely shoot ideas around and then the team brings them to fruition. It’s beautiful.
“The “his” and “hers” bloody knives (and in turn the blood couple) represent 2 people who deeply hurt each other, but can’t live without each other. “You and I, are suicide” is a metaphor for crazy love: doomed, but beautiful and authentic. With the knives and blood the goal to create a visually arresting metaphor for two people in love, but who are deeply hurting each other. It’s psycho love, but it’s the real deal.”
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