Static Dress channel 2000s-era post-hardcore on new song, “for the attention of…”

If you weren’t already aware, we’re super into what post-hardcore band Static Dress are doing. Debuting just a year ago with their single “Clean.”, the band is far more than just a hackneyed trip down nostalgia lane. Unlike many other bands that fly the nostalgia flag, the young band couples a strong visual aspect with solid, catchy music that definitely has the “stuck in your head” factor.

The band’s 4th single to date, “for the attention of…” demands your attention with the dynamic voice of Olli Appleyard. The frontman is a strong component of the band, to be sure, but so too is the solid instrumentation that channels bands like Dead Poetic and 2004-era Underoath, among others. We’ll just leave this here – Static Dress are your new favorite band. All you have to do is listen.

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